Friday, June 29, 2007

Visitors abound

It was an early morning for the visitors who come by daily. During the night the racoon found that if you get on the grill and knock over a used Folgers can, tasty morsals spill out. Well, as long as that dang top pops off when it's knocked to the ground they do! I am now having to refill the fish food can on a "too often" basis so will have to search for something flat that will hold food so it can be stashed inside the gas grill. I will be very impressed if said racoon can figure out how to lift up the hood, but, resourceful is his middle name and he may just do that!

The sandhill cranes came by this morning after being on "vacation" this past week. Where they were I don't know, except that I could practially set a clock to their 7:15 arrival time for their morning indulgence of mix seed and sunflower bits. To watch them saunter across the road and up the long drive to the property to the two feeding areas is so enjoyable. One day they flew in. It was great. All of a sudden they announced they were arriving and the next thing I see are two huge birds with wing spans of 6 feet landing like two small helicopters lighting down to just the right spot. Saunter they did over to their seed. I must make sure I have it out before they arrive or else, as I have found, if I am late and go out, they just walk away, down the drive and across the road. They don't stop to wait for me to put it out. They figure, I was late, so adios until the next day. I must be on time. I must be on time. I must be on time.

The squirrel visited, without his two companions. This one squirrel has allowed me to get very close as I have found out when putting the morning seed out. Not too close though, just close enough and on his/her terms. I don't pretend to try and tame them, that's not safe at the creek. Too tame a wild thing and they turn into stew. I don't want my new found "friends" to be stew. I just enjoy them for their natural antics and visits.

The doves are growing in number daily. What started off as one has turned to 20. Not because they're breeding but because the word is out. FREE SEED AND SUNFLOWER BITS! DAILY! That's ok, I love the dove and welcome them. Now, they ARE aloof! They don't give you a break for anything. On sighting of a human and the ground errupts into wings of flight.

Morning is fun because of all the visitors.

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