Sunday, August 5, 2007

Mother Nature 2, Homeowner 0

As you can see, there was quite a stretch there within the month that was vacant. The storm that happened took out my Internet, imploded our well, zapped the phone, fried the modem to one computer, fried the network card to the other, fried the scanner, fried the fax and sautéed the printer. It also left us without power at one end of the house due to taking out a GFI plug. Of course, none of this was known until power was restored. That was fun, 12 hours of no electricity, no air and no water. When the power was restored though, I am sure my sigh of relief was heard ‘round the world because it was so hot, but my sigh of “OH NO!” was heard around and AROUND the world. The well was struck and it imploded, cracking the well pipe all the way down the shaft. There was no water to the house and not about to be for weeks and weeks. It’s the 5th and there is still no water to the house.

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